Design office specialising in plastics processing and metallurgy: project analysis, design, prototyping

For nearly 40 years, GMI has been supporting manufacturers in the implementation of their projects.

With an extensive understanding of all of the business value chains by field of activity, GMI is experienced in project management.

GMI offers genuine active collaboration by area of expertise. From defining to formalising specification, to the delivery of the manufactured items in strict compliance with the agreed delivery schedule.

Industrial know-how and technical expertise enable GMI to adapt to many activity sectors and to offer relevant, viable solutions.

Our skills
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Research and design

Test / Simulation



An overall service for your projects

Multidisciplinary design office

A team with complementary profiles: creativity, innovation, technicality

Our engineers and designers oversee the modelling and design of specific solutions depending on our customers’ requirements. They offer, alongside all our production techniques (rotomoulding, thermoforming, machine welding…), the production technique that offers the best technical-economical solution.

  • Specifications: technical, functional and environmental constraints Feasibility and development
  • study for technical-economical solutions
  • Design research, Strength of materials calculation
  • Computer-assisted design (Solidworks, Catia)
  • Support for certification, patenting process…


Bureau d’Etudes pluridisciplinaire


The creation of a prototype makes it possible to carry out a physical and functional verification of the product before commencing industrialisation and production phases.

These prototypes make it possible:

  • to check dimensions
  • to approve functionality
  • to approve the design
  • to carry out different tests for certifications
  • to approve the use (kinematic, dynamic…)

Different techniques used for the creation of prototypes:

GMI has at its disposal several technologies and techniques for the creation of prototypes, namely:
+ High Speed Machining (HSM)
+ 3D Printing
+ Manual modelling and shaping
+ Creation using prototype tools

prototype par usinage UGV


GMI’s industrialisation division (method consultancy, start groups, project managers) design and implements the series resources that ensure qualitative, repetitive production.

Initial sampling and customer acceptance form a key stage on starting a project, enabling both parties to ensure product conformity and compliance with specifications.


Industrial R&D and innovation

GMI’s Research and Development department actively monitors technological developments and analyses new market expectations to provide innovative solutions to tomorrow’s problems. From the environment to new technologies, our engineers anticipate and develop new processes, principles and materials to ensure that we remain a major future-oriented player.

R&D industrielle et innovation