GMI: development & production of wire assemblies or sub-assemblies

Our Design office is involved from product definition right through to serial production.

GMI has the skills to find the right solutions to any technical problem from design through to industrialisation and production, integrating the modelling and prototyping phases and pre-series steel wire assemblies.

The production workshops design steel wire assemblies and sub-assemblies, complex technical parts in a range of sizes for all sectors of activity with the support of:

  • Design services dedicated to working with steel wire
  • A cutting and shaping workshop (folding, bending…)
  • A welding, assembly and finishing workshop completes installations and carries out quality control checks as well as delivery of finished assemblies including fastenings, casters, document holders, handles, shock absorbers, personalisation markings…

ensembles ou sous-ensembles en fil métallique

A few examples of our work

Metal products

fil métallique

Grill panels Gabion wire

fabricant de panneau grillagé
Panneau grillagé


Conception et fabrication de Conteneur fil métallique
Conteneur en fils métalliques démontés
Panier en fil métallique
Conteneur en fils métalliques


fabricant gabion
Fabrication industrielle gabion sur mesure

Main production tools

State-of-the-art automatic and semi-automatic machines fitted with several resistance welding stations make it possible to produce mesh up to 2500 x 5000 mm with 1.5 to 12 mm diameter wire and with a minimum meshing of 25 x 25 mm.

Maximum formats without rework 2500 x 5000 mm
Larger formats On request Wire
Diameter 1.5 to 12 mm Wire
Varieties Round
Wire quality Light-coloured, crude steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel
Meshing 25 x 25 and custom
Irregular spacing of wires Possible
Surface treatment Electro-zinc plated, bichromated, galvanized, epoxy lacquered, rilsanized… Completion Bending of the ends, Finishing of the ends: flattened, pointed… Frame-based reinforcement. Welding and assembly of accessories (fastenings, casters, handles, shock absorbers, document holders…), bending of wire, bending of steel wire.
Examples of specific creations Mesh panels, protective panels, grids, stackable and collapsible containers, carts, baskets, handling and storage rolls, presentation materials (shelves, displays, racks), technical parts for mechanisms…

Fabricant fil métallique

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