GMI: a synergy of metallurgy skills supporting your projects

Development & production of metal parts

As a company specialising in metallurgy for more than 40 years, GMI is well placed to support its industrial customers in their development thanks to its dual metallurgical expertise: machine welding and wire products.

Groupe Maillard Industrie has a comprehensive, high performance metallurgy equipment at its disposal. Teams oversee the development of a project and manage it right up to the industrialisation and production phase.The group’s extensive experience in the metallurgy industry enables it to design and produce complex and precise complete assemblies and sub-assemblies in both small and large dimensions for all sectors of activity.

The production workshops are designed, equipped and structured to undertake specific or standard production requirements from prototypes to small, medium or large series.

Finishing operations make it possible to deliver complete assemblies or sub-assemblies personalised accessories and markings.

Our metallurgy expertise

Research, development and
industrialisation of all your metal projects

Extensive experience with steel, aluminium and stainless steel

Comprehensive project management
(design, prototyping, assembly, personalisation, delivery)

Expertise for all your requirements

With expertise in welding and wire products, the GROUPE MAILLARD INDUSTRIE’s metallurgy division’s mission is to make its know-how available to manufacturers seeking extensive skills in each field.

This synergy of metallurgy skills means that we are able to satisfy the needs of many sectors of activity: automotive, agriculture, construction…

Productions can include: specific or standard containers for storage and handling, equipment for industry (complex technical parts, metal structures, slings, cradles, gantries, framework, base frames, reinforcement, caissons, structures…)

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atelier équipement métallurgie
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atelier métallurgie
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