Reusable packaging and logistics solutions for car manufacturers and equipment manufacturers

With 40 years of experience and more than 25,000 different reusable packaging references, GMI has packaged all the components that make up a vehicle many times over

From consultancy to serial production, GMI provides specific reusable packaging solutions for the protection, transport, storage and handling of automotive parts and components.

In a very competitive market, car manufacturers and tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers must be able to depend on reliable partners. For nearly 40 years, the GROUPE MAILLARD INDUSTRIE has been meeting the strictest requirements and supporting all its customers looking for performance, from consultancy through to serial production.

Thanks to its experience in the complementary professions of metallurgy and plastics processing and its extensive knowledge of automotive supply chain organisation, GMI provides specific and innovative solutions to meet every challenge: environmental impact, parts quality, personnel safety, ergonomics, fatigue, automation, synchronous supply… GMI designs and manufactures specific containers, sustainable packaging, logistics rolling stock and supply furniture that are cost-effective and adapted to the packaging of all the components of a vehicle.

GMI will meet your expectations whilst putting innovation and environmental protection at the heart of its solutions.

GMI provides support in the partial or complete management of all your projects in France or overseas for the ongoing optimisation of logistics flows, ranging from the layout of work stations to supply chain management.

Valued by key players in the automotive industry, the group’s multicultural teams are present in each country to support you in the management of your international projects.

iso 9001


Our skills at a

Consultancy and expertise

Project management
in France and internationally

Research and
development Delegated engineering

Extensive experience in
Plastics processing and metallurgy

Installation, maintenance
on-site training

Specific solutions

From research to serial production

GMI designs and manufactures specific returnable packaging which adapts to the shape of the parts being transported and offers bespoke solutions to meet the Lean Manufacturing requirements and the needs of each customer’s industrial environment.

Examples of our work: Special containers, wire mesh containers, rolling bases, carts and trolleys, turners, tilters, dynamic furniture, kanban, AGV, Kitting, metal racks, cradles and slings, stacker columns, rotomoulded trays and pallets, thermoformed trays and separators, automatic feeding furniture, Lean Manufacturing solutions, CRM, Mother-Dolly…

Metal container

Conteneur métallique
Conteneur métallique
Conditionnement siège avec support amovible
Conteneur pour pneumatique à déchargement automatisé

Plastic container

berceau moteur sur-mesure
berceau moteur sur-mesure
Conditionnement réutilisable essuie vitre
Conteneur spécifique pour essieux
Berceau moteur rotomoulé

Metal/plastic container

Conteneur spécifique avec tiroir rotomoulé
Conteneur spécifique pour encyclage jante
Conteneur spécifique pour encyclage jante
Conteneur spécifique pour groupe de climatisation

Handling tray

Conteneur spécifique
Conteneur spécifique
Plateau de manutention thermoformé
Plateau de manutention automobile

Stacker pillars

Conteneur spécifique
Colonne à taquets


Conteneur spécifique
Base roulante inclinable avec assistance à la manutention
Conteneur logistique automobile

Assembly line outfitting

Conteneur logistique automobile
Conteneur logistique automobile
Conteneur logistique automobile

Line edge feeder cabinet and kitting carts and trolleys

Conteneur logistique automobile
Conteneur logistique automobile

Partial or complete management of your logistics project

We can oversee all of your project parameters and provide complete specific and innovative solutions.

Bureau d'étude

  • 1

    Specifications, data approval

  • 2

    CAD Research and Development, Industrialisation

  • 3

    Prototyping, 3D Printing, Test & Simulation

  • 4

    Approval / Certification

  • 5

    Industrialisation, Tooling, Preseries / Series production

  • 6

    Quality control / Delivery

Delegated / simultaneous engineering

To meet a growing demand due to the reduction of design and marketing times for new vehicles, several years ago we introduced a structure that allows us to handle business using Delegated engineering services.

From analysis of your requirements to the implementation of complete solutions, our teams oversee the management of you project. We work closely with your teams to ensure the development, planning and validation of the selected solutions, by controlling quality and by optimising costs and deadlines.


Multidisciplinary design office

Our design office meets the multiple requirements for adapting packaging to transport, workstations and automated lines.

Every day our engineers and designers develop comprehensive optimised solutions to satisfy the technical, ergonomic, mechanical and environmental constraints and specificities of each project.

  • Volume optimisation / Bulk / Mass / Foldability
  • Hygiene and security legislation
  • Aesthetic part Quantity
  • per pack
  • Recycling requirements
  • Transport type / Logistics flow
  • Identification
  • Ergonomics
  • Carbon footprint reduction Manual
  • robotised handling
  • Storage

R&D department

Our R&D engineers constantly analyse new expectations and develop innovative solutions to tomorrow’s problems. They research and/or develop new materials and improve our production systems so that we are armed with the answers before you have asked the question.


Prototyping and tooling

Our factory has a dedicated workshop and the industrial equipment needed to create prototypes for the validation of technical solutions (geometry, dimensional, ergonomics, kinematic…) before launching serial production. 3D printing of the part to be packaged for physical validation of the prototype completes the service.

The design and creation of tools and templates is overseen by our team of specialists and are subject to geometric, dimensional and functional validation to ensure quality and repeatability of productions.



With our extensive experience of complementary technologies (welding / thermoforming / rotomoulding / polyurethane / wire forming) and our expertise in each field, we are able to optimise each stage of the production process in order to guarantee optimised technico-economic solutions.

Certified ISO 9001 compliant since 1996, our production patterns supported by our processes allow us to guarantee product quality at each stage of production.

iso 9001


Prototypage et outillage

Packaging management in the automotive industry

  • What is automotive logistics packaging

    Automotive logistics packaging is packaging specially designed to allow transport, storage and handling of automotive components between two workshops or two plants (car manufacturer, equipment manufacturer, subcontractor).

    Adapted packaging makes it possible to rationalise production flows and the storage of components, to protect them effectively during transport, to optimise their handling, whether manual, automated or robotised, and to facilitate the work of the operators through ergonomics during the assembly of the parts.

    Automotive manufacturers, who were the first to embark on productivity improvement programmes, quickly recognised the benefits of optimising the management and security of production flows through logistical packaging systems.

    The automotive industry, at the forefront of this research, has developed the basis for these new issues:

    • Facilitate component production through logistics and handling
    • Maintain component quality during all stages of production, transport and assembly
    • Provide operators with good work ergonomics and facilitate the robotised manipulation of parts
    • Respond to the internationalisation of the markets by providing the same quality of services across all production and assembly sites.
    • Respect the environment with sustainable and recyclable packaging at the end of the vehicle’s life

    emballage gante

  • Types of parts packaged in re-usable packaging

    Packaging is designed to adapt to each type of part.

    Tailgate Cylinder / Wing Mirror / Rear View Mirror / Mudguard / Bumper Grill / Door Handle / Bumper / Radiator Grill / Bonnet Cylinder / Fender / Rear View Mirror Shell
    Bumper Bracket / Door Components / Bonnet / Trailer Hitch / Protective Strip / Front End / Bumper Reinforcement / Rocker Panel / Central Locking / Tailgate Lock / Front Spoiler / Rear Spoiler / Engine Bonnet / Fender Extension /
    Wheel Arch / Boot Tailgate / Window Seal / Door Seal / Emblems / Load Floor / Sills / Rear Quarter Window / Body Side / Tyre / Rim / Hub Cap / Door Pillar / Roof Pillar / Roof Trim / Headliner / Door Handle / Side Rail / Roof / Sun Roof

    Electric system
    Alternator / Starter / Alternator Regulator / Light Range Corrector Adjuster / Horn / Starter Solenoid / Battery / Main Harness / Air Conditioning Harness / Engine Compartment Harness / Interior Harness / Floor Harness / Control Harness / Spark Plug / Voltage Regulator / Lighting and Signalling / Rear Light / Headlights / Indicator Light / Fog Light / Number Plate Light / Additional Brake Light / Rear Reflector / Rear Fog Light / Position Light / Daytime Running Lights / Headlight Glass / Reversing Light / Brake Light / Optics

    Carpets / Central console / Seat / Headrest / Armrest / Dashboard / Glove box / Meter / Central facade / Control pod/ Steering wheel / Overhead trim / Door panels / Central console / Interior rear-view mirror / Sun visor / Pedal board / Window lift system / Seat rails / Seat belt / Airbags / Bezel frame

    Braking system
    Anti-lock braking system (ABS) / Brake support plate / Brake cooling channel / Brake disc / Brake drum / Brake lining / Brake pad / Brake pedal / Brake piston / Brake pump / Brake roller / Brake servo / Brake shoe / Brake indicator / Calibrated friction brake / Calliper / Valve combination / Dual circuit brake system / Retaining springs / Hose / Hydraulic booster unit / Load sensing valve / Master cylinder / Metering valve / Parking brake lever / Hand brake handle / Differential pressure valve / Metering valve
    / Tank / Shoe return spring / Vacuum brake booster / Wheel cylinder (from slave cylinder) / Master Cylinder

    Engine / Accessory belt / Air duct / Air intake housing / Air intake collector / Camshaft / Connecting rod / Crank load case / Crank pulley / Crankshaft
    / Cylinder head / Cylinder head cover / Other cylinder head cover parts / Cylinder head cylinder / Distributor / Transmission belt / Engine block / Engine cradle / Vibration damper / Engine valves
    • Fan belt / Pin (crank pin) / Harmonic balancer / Assembly / Piston / Piston pin and crank pin / Piston pin bushing / Piston ring and circlip / Fan valve / Pulley / Rocker arm / Toggle cover / Turbocharger and supercharger / Pusher / Valve / Valve body / Valve spring / valve stem seal / water pump pulley / fuel rail / Engine cooling / turbine blower / coolant hose / fan / fan blades / fan clutch / radiator / radiator fairing (fan) / radiator pressure cap / Overflow tank / Thermostat / Water line / Water pump / Water pump gasket / Water tank / Hose / Fan motor unit

    Exhaust system
    Catalytic converter / Exhaust collar / Exhaust bracket / Exhaust flange gasket / Exhaust gasket / Exhaust manifold / Exhaust manifold gasket / Exhaust pipe / Heat shield / Muffler
    Spacer ring / Exhaust line / Particle filter

    Fuel supply system
    Air Filter / Carburettor / Choke Cable / EGR Valve / Fuel Tank Cap / Fuel Cell / Fuel Cooler / Fuel Distributor / Fuel Filter / Fuel Filter Gasket / Fuel Injector / Fuel Injector Nozzle / Fuel Line / Fuel Pump / Fuel Pump Gasket / Fuel Pressure Regulator / Fuel Rail / Fuel Tank / Fuel Water Separator
    / intake manifold / intake manifold gasket / LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) system assembly / throttle body / air filter

    Suspension and steering system
    Axle / Camber Arm / Control Arm / Beam Axle / Central Pivot / Side Link / Power Steering / Shock Absorber / Spindle / Stabilizer Bars and Linkage / Steering Arms / Steering Box / Steering Column Assembly / Rack & Pinion / Steering Shaft / Steering Wheel / Steering Wheel (Drive Wheel) / Rocket / Tie Rod / Tie Rod / Steering Ball / Track Bar / Swing Arm / Spring / EDR Wheel Assembly

    Transmission system
    Adjustable pedal / Axle shaft / Carrier assembly / Chain wheel and sprocket / Clutch assembly / Clutch cable / Clutch disc / Clutch fan / Clutch fork / Clutch hose / Clutch lever / Clutch lining / Clutch pedal / clutch pressure plate / flyweight / clutch spring / differential / differential case / bearing pinion / differential clutch / spider gears / differential housing / differential flange / differential / differential seal

    Steering wheel
    Steering wheel sprocket / Equipment / Gear coupling / Gear pump / Gear ring / Gear stick

    Gear box
    Freewheel / Articulation / Master cylinder / Output shaft / Pinion / Selection fork / Gear lever / Slave cylinder / Speed reducer / Torque converter / Trans-axle housing / transfer case / transmission gear / transmission joint and linked piston / transmission spring

    Air conditioning system Various
    HVAC / Condenser / Air Conditioning Package / Evaporator / Compressor / Cabin filter

  • Carbon footprint of reusable automotive packaging

    The environment is a central concern for logisticians, worried about the impact of their activity on the planet. A number of solutions can be deployed in response to this concern:

    1 – Reduced impact with sustainable packaging

    The reusable packaging for automotive parts and components logistics pollute less as they are used several times before getting to end-of-life. So the more times reusable packaging is used, the lower its environmental impact. On average, a sustainable automotive container will be used for 5 to 7 years (about the average life span of a vehicle).

    2- Reduced impact with optimised design

    The technical solutions ensure trucks are filled optimally to help reduce our carbon footprint.

    3-  Reduced impact with the use of regenerated plastic materials

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