Design and manufacture of plastic and metallic parts for the designer furniture and POS advertising sector

Working in partnership with design studios and communication agencies, GMI guides you through the process of successfully industrialising your creations.

With extensive experience in both plastics processing and metallurgy and in creating designer furniture and POS advertising supports, we can support you from the research stage through to industrialisation and manufacturing with the quality of finish you expect.

GMI’s draws on:
– The know-how of its teams with extensive technical knowledge and experience
– Specific and varied production methods for shaping metals and plastics, assembling components and quality control
– Logistics control through a large storage capacity and management of customer stocks.

Our skills at a

Etudes et co-Research and design co-development

Modelling/ Prototyping


Rotomoulding, Thermoforming

Machine welding

Finishing, Assembly, Logistics

Range of finishing
textures and


fabricant de pièce et mobilier en plastique

Rotomoulding solutions that meet the expectations of contemporary furniture designers and manufacturers.

Modern shapes with understated lines and an infinite range of textures and colours, the rotomoulding technique provides an infinite creative scope for designing contemporary furniture in a single block. With a huge variety of finishes, rotomoulded furniture combines aesthetics and solidity.

fabricant de mobilier design rotomoulé

Thermoforming solutions that fulfil POS advertising media specifications

Offering a wide range of textures and colours, transparent or opaque, with original relief shapes, thermoforming makes it possible to produce covers, half-spheres, displays or signs and meets precise and varied needs.

Bespoke thermoformed POS advertising media offers many functional and aesthetic benefits: visual impact, lightweight and personalisations.

GMI can support and guide you in choosing the perfect material for your project.

éléments PLV thermoformé

A few examples of our work

Experience in thermoforming, rotomoulding and machine welding enables us to produce:

Store displays, product presentation podiums, trophies, medals, lecterns, reception desks, protective cases for museums, poster stands, signage, POS, trays, tables, consoles, displays, fittings, urns, window displays, totems, rotomoulded outdoor furniture.

Furniture / Household equipment

baignoire lumineuse
conteneur à roulettes
berceau plexiglas
bac a douche
pot publicitaire

Designer elements

arbre à fondue
jardiniere sur pied
pot plastique pour plante

Communication/ POS advertising

mascotte publicitaire
objet publicitaire


Lampe design rotomoulée
Aménagement urbain rotomoulé - arbre
bar plastique lumineux
Boule lumineuse rotomoulée

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