Urban planning and equipment

Specialised in the manufacture of industrial equipment and plastic or mechanical assemblies, GMI assists Local Authorities, Transport Managers and Companies in the fields of waste collection, eco-sorting, urban development and signage by providing them with technical solutions and products designed to equip public or private spaces.

GMI designs, industrialises, manufactures and installs products that reflect their customers’ individual specifications.

Our skills at a

Multi-technologies (plastics processing- metallurgy)


Technical and regulatory validation

Installation in compliance with current regulations and security

Standards Monitoring and maintenance and servicing

Public hygiene

Our extensive experience in the design, construction and commercialisation of public toilets makes us your preferred partner for all your urban planning projects incorporating public facilities. Our products provide maximum hygiene, user comfort and accessibility for all. They are fully-equipped and meet your specifications. Our range is comprehensive and varied.

End of line sanitary facilities

As a designer, manufacturer and installer of end-of-line sanitary facilities, GMI helps you optimise your transportation network by offering you a complete range of washroom and restroom furniture for use by BUS, BUSWAY, TRAM, METRO driving personnel… Innovative & versatile and adaptable to all configurations, our range has been designed to cover all the requirements of the sector.

We provide decision-makers with support, analysis, choice of solutions and tailor-made services so that drivers benefit from comfortable conditions.

GMI sanitaire bout de ligne
GMI sanitaire bout de ligne bus et tram
GMI sanitaire autonome
GMI hygiène publique intérieur sanitaire

Nomade© – Nomadic sanitary facilities

Invented, designed and manufactured by GMI, our Nomade© sanitary facilities won’t fail to impress. Its design and colour will ensure that it blends perfectly into its surroundings. Built to last, it guarantees the user quality service whilst respecting the environment. Depending on your requirements, it is self-cleaning, and can be either autonomous or connected to sanitation networks and water supply for temporary, seasonal or permanent use. Installation locations are varied: beach, towns, parks, zoos, rest areas, worksites, campsites, ports, etc.

The benefits

Fixed, mobile or towable


Can be autonomous, connected to networks

Personalising options

Accessible to RM users

fabricant de sanitaire bout de ligne
GMI division hygiène publique
GMI sanitaire nomade

Supporting the waste collection, recycling, urban planning and signage industries

GMI helps professionals in the signage industry design and manufacture specific solutions. Using rotomoulding, thermoforming or machine welding techniques, we manufacture products that can resist both exterior conditions and shocks and impacts.

For stakeholders working in the environmental sector or in waste collection and recycling, we develop and manufacture specific products and support you in your project-related interactions with local authorities.

A few examples of our work by sector

Road signs, Bollards, Kilometre marker, Illuminated bollard, Directional signage, Street furniture, Waste management/sorting solutions, Container for selective sorting, Waste collector, Container for household waste collection, Containers for recycling glass, paper and cardboard products…

Public hygiene

fabricant sanitaire bout de ligne
GMI sanitaire publique
fabricant sanitaire urbain
GMI sanitaire raccordé

Signage / Town planning

signalisation séparateur de voies
signalisation séparateur de voies
balise signalisation route
fabricant de borne signalisation
fabricant signalisation urbain
crash barrières

Selective waste sorting

bac plastique déchets eco-tri
bac de déchets eco-tri