GMI: subcontracting partner in the design and manufacture of parts and accessories for the boating industry

GMI draws on all of its expertise in plastics processing and metallurgy to assert itself as the specialist in subcontracting for the boating industry.
By supporting its customers in the design and manufacture of plastic and metal parts, GMI offers a large range of options in the field of boating.

Considered a benchmark in the fields of yachting, fishing, shipyards and marine equipment, our experience and achievements ensure that we are recognised by the professionals in these sectors.

Our production process incorporates the various workshops required for the production of the finished products (processing, profiling, machining, assembly, assembly of accessories, finishing, testing, quality control, packaging and shipping).

Our skills at a

Multidisciplinary design office

Experts in plastics processing (rotomoulding, thermoforming, PU, foaming)

Machine welding


fabricant de pièces secteur nautisme
fabricant de pièce rotomoulée pour bateau
fabricant de pièce flotteur port

Bespoke boating project: comprehensive support

Design, industrialisation

GMI’s multidisciplinary design office draws on its extensive experience in materials to design technical and reliable parts that meet the various requirements of aquatic environments (seas, rivers, lakes, barrages). The design, means of processing and the materials selected making it possible to guarantee optimum protection and to fulfil the specific requirements of the sector: resistance to weather, UV and temperature variations…

Design, industrialisation
GMI design and industrialisation for the boating sector


We perform
— Fluid calculations
— Strength of materials
— Kinematic / Digital simulation
— Preparation for tests and certifications


Production based on several methods of materials processing

A range of specialised plastics processing and metallurgy production methods enable us to provide you with optimum solutions. The combination of materials and their processing makes it possible to manufacture projects that incorporate structures, welded frames combined with rotomoulded, thermoformed or polyurethane parts.

Our foaming facilities (PU, PE, PSE…) also enable us to offer specific buoyancy solutions and to guarantee insubmersibility.



Rotomoulding is ideally suited to the demands of boating.

The characteristics of rotomoulded parts:
→ Resistance to ageing
→ Perfect Sealing
→ Life span
→ Reaction to shocks
→ Respectful of the environment
→ Lightweight
→ Rigidity
→ Ease of maintenance
→ UV resistance

GMI’s large capacity industrial facilities are ideally suited to small or big series production.

Examples of rotomoulded parts used in sports and boating:

Monohull boats
Rotomoulded floats: Marker buoys, mooring buoys
Obstacles for water parks: Leisure equipment and water slides
Pedalos, sliders: Canoes, kayaks
Floating platforms: Pontoons and accessories (life buoy housing units, fenders)
Swimming pool
Components Tanks for all types of fluid




GMI’s expertise in thermoforming means that we are able to develop and manufacture many industrial parts for boats. The quality and the selected materials and our comprehensive, high performance equipment meet the specific needs of the boating sector.

Examples of use:

Cockpits, boat hulls, hatches
Fittings and furniture
Aesthetic panels…



Machine welding

Our production workshops are structured to be able to carry out the production of special steel, stainless steel or aluminium parts.

Examples of use:

Ladders for boats
Canoe and kayak launching trolley
Port equipment (dry dock support…)


A few examples of our work for the maritime and nautical sector

Rotomoulded boats and canoes

GMI fabricant de coque de barque
barque rotomoulée
GMI fabricant de barque rotomoulée
fabricant flotteur de catamaran

Pontoon floats

fabricant de flotteur de ponton
fabricant de flotteur de ponton
fabricant flotteur
fabricant de flotteur de ponton

Floating buoys

fabricant de flotteur
fabricant de flotteur avec mousse intérieur
bouées de haute mer
bouée de haute-mer
fabricant flotteur

Port signalling & layout

fabricant de signalisation bouée
fabricant de flotteur de ponton
obstacle nautique

Tanks for boats

fabricant de réservoir de bateau
réservoir de bateau
bloc de filtration bateau

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