GMI: Subcontractor partner to construction / civil engineering and sanitation manufacturers for the design and production of bespoke parts

With expertise in plastics processing and metallurgy, GMI supports customers present on the construction and sanitation markets in the design and production of high performance products and systems.

GMI offers industry-specific solutions to customers looking for technical and regulatory support and the ability to develop, industrialize and manufacture technical assemblies and sub-assemblies and / or aesthetic parts through various processes (rotomoulding, thermoforming, foaming, machine welding, etc.).

An assembly and finishing working completes GMI’s service and carries out operations such as profiling, gluing, welding, electric wiring, marking, riveting and positioning accessories…

Our skills at a

Research and development

Very large size rotomoulding

Machine welding

Integrated foaming (insulation, stiffening)

Experienced in fluid mechanics/simulation

Understanding of standards and regulations

Certification file

Rigour and professionalism supporting key players in Construction and Civil Engineering

In high density polyethylene, in polypropylene or another polymer, plastic parts are omnipresent in the Construction and Civil Engineering world. Plastic products meet the needs of the water networks, rainwater recovery, dry/gas networks, collectors, manholes, etc. markets.
Experienced in the Construction / Civil engineering sectors, GMI offers innovative solutions that fulfil even the most complex requirements. Able to support you from design to manufacture and throughout your certification process, GMI is a special partner.

regards assainissement btp
cuve stockage des eaux rotomoulage

A large range of skills to support collective and non-collective sanitation professionals and key players in the water distribution, treatment and collection.

GMI has solid references and a thorough understanding of the requirements and processes involved in implementing water filtration systems in the sanitation sector. By proposing sustainable, effective and reliable solutions, GMI supports professionals in the sector from the design stage right through to delivery of finished products.

From the simple cistern for rainwater collection to all-water pits or complex micro-station systems, GMI is a trusted partner for water collection, supply and/or sewage professionals.

Cuve assainissement conception

GMI: complete management of your projects

Design by a multidisciplinary design office

With extensive experience in the Construction and Sanitation markets and their regulatory requirements, GMI’s multidisciplinary design office develops reliable solutions at the best price in compliance with your technical, budgetary and environmental specifications.

mécanique des fluides simulation

— Fluid mechanics / Simulation
— CSTB standards (French national organisation providing research and innovation, consultancy, testing, training and certification services in the construction industry)
— Water filtration implementation process
— Insulation
— Product certification
— Hydraulic pressure resistance
— Deformation resistance
— Geothermal energy

Industrialisation, production and delivery of finished products

Equipped with high-capacity production facilities in plastics and metallurgy, GMI also benefits from assembly, quality control and storage facilities to ensure the reliability, traceability and logistics of the products it manufactures

Depending on our customers’ needs, we can also oversee the management and assembly of their components (valves and fittings, hydraulics, filtration system, engine bracket…)

In addition to our finished product storage capacity, we can also carry out custom deliveries (worksite deliveries, BtoC deliveries, order preparation…).

Recycled and recyclable material

As part of a global environmental approach, we offer developments for a number of applications with regenerated and recyclable materials

A few examples of our work

Micro station Inspection

conception micro-station assainissement
fabricant cuve micro-station
micro-station GMI

Chamber / Meter

habillage compteur d'eau
concepteur de regard pour btp et assainissement
regard btp/assainissement
fabricant cuve btp assainissement
conception de cuve pour btp et assainissement

Outflow Construction

conception fabrication avaloir
conception fabrication avaloir BTP

Water Storage

fabricant cuve eaux BTP/assainissement
cuve à eau pour secteur BTP et assainissement
conception et fabrication de cuves à eau en plastique
fabricant cuve à eaux
cuves 5000L BTP-assainissement
conception fabrication de cuve à eaux

Civil engineering

BTP rotomoule