Bespoke design, industrialisation, production and assembly of machine welded parts, assemblies or sub-assemblies

Steel – Aluminium – Stainless steel

Recognised for 40 years for its extensive expertise in metallurgy, GMI and its subsidiary ITS design and manufacture welded simple or complex structures in a range of sizes for all areas of activity both in France and internationally.

Much more than just a sub-contractor, GMI will support you throughout the design phase, prototyping and serial production of complete or partial sub-assemblies.

The organisation and the equipment of the welding division mean that we are able to offer comprehensive service at a fair price: laser cutting, folding, bending, welding, blasting, painting and assembly.

By integrating all of these workshops, GMI delivers real savings in cost, time and quality.

Our skills at a

Design offices

Laser cutting
(tube and sheet)

Cutting / Folding / Bending

MIG/MAG and TIG robotised and
manual welding

Finishing / painting


Robot soudure

Responsiveness, flexibility and performance

The organisation of GMI’s metallurgy division offers responsiveness, flexibility and performance.
It makes it possible to process two large families of raw materials: sheet metals and profiles.


Design offices

Teams oversee the development of a welding project and manage it right up to the industrialisation and production phase.

Our design office is made up of 20 experts to guarantee comprehensive, bespoke service:

— Preliminary survey, feasibility analysis
— Consultancy and technical surveys
— Design and development of parts and tools
— Industrialisation and technical monitoring


Laser cutting

Our machines make it possible to cut 2 large families of raw materials: sheets and profiles.

Our cutting experience allows us to calculate production time very accurately and provide you with precise proposals to your requests.

Main laser cutting equipment

> Sheet laser – steel, aluminium, stainless steel
Digitally controlled cutting centres, oxygen-assisted cutting, nitrogen-assisted cutting
Capacity of 3000 mm x 1500 mm

> Tube laser
Digitally controlled cutting centres, oxygen-assisted cutting, nitrogen-assisted cutting
Capacity of 6000 mm, 120 x 120 mm square, 150 mm diameter

Laser tube- équipement atelier mécano-soudure

Cutting, folding, bending

The equipment allows the shaping of tubes or sheets and meets a wide range of manufacturing requirements for metal parts and finished or semi-finished assemblies. Our experience in welding ensures quality and productivity.

Main industrial equipment
Shearers: cutting width 3000 mm, up to 12 mm
Press brake: Apron length 4000 mm
Punching Machine: Up to 12 mm, width 120 mm
Band saws: 6000 mm length, max. square profile 300x 100 mm, max. diameter 180 mm


Our welding expertise fulfils all steel, stainless steel and aluminium requirements.

In order to meet the needs of medium and large series manufacturing competitively, we have a high-capacity welding plant equipped with semi-automatic and robotic stations.

Main industrial equipment

— pulsed welding
— tilting robots
— 2-axes linear robots
— modular plates

atelier soudure
GMI atelier mécano-soudure

Completion – Finishing

We are equipped to offer aesthetic finishes and technical coatings on all your projects, in particular paint and marking finishes, stainless steel polishing, anti-corrosion treatment…

For your aesthetic parts, we have an automated polyester epoxy powder paint line and a liquid paint booth.

Main industrial equipment

— Polyester epoxy powder paint line: 32 cradles – 2000 x 2000 x 3000 mm
— Large dimension liquid paint booth: 7000 x 3000 x 3000 mm
— Blasting centre: 2000 x 2000 x 2000 mm

finition mécano-soudure

Assembly – Logistics

We carry out assembly operations in a dedicated workshop to deliver finished assemblies to our customers.

Main assemblies

— Off-plan assembly: frame elements, mechanical elements, various accessories (screwing, drilling, fitting inserts, riveting, bolting…)
— Positioning of elements: springs, hinges, wheels, casters, locks, mechanical elements (bearings, pins, axles)


Montage, assemblage, logistique GMI

Examples of our work by sector

Accumulated expertise in metallurgy allows us to meet the needs of many sectors of activity

Logistics container

Casier de séchage
Bac à déchets
Civière de transport 6m Finition brun rouge anti-rouille
Base roulante inclinable avec assistance à la manutention


structure mécano-soudé agricole
échelle acier pour plateau fourrager
mini-pelle mécano-soudée


Pied meuble mécano soudé
Barrière métal découpe laser
pièce mécano-soudé sur mesure


pièce métallique
ensemble mécano soudé
pièce mécano soudure

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