GMI’s new automotive and industrial leaflets

GMI is proud to present its two new brochures on its areas of expertise : the Automotive Brochure and the Industry Brochure.

With 40 years of experience in the metal and plastics industries, our strength is a dual expertise in metallurgy and plastics processing, combined with a high-performance Research & Design department.

This synergy of metallurgy and plastics processing skills alows us to serve the most demanding sectors of activity:

  • Automotive: reusable packaging and logistics solutions for Car Manufacturers and Equipment Manufacturers
    Plastic tank : leader in the design and manufacturing of rotomoulded plastic tanks for special and heavy duty vehicules
    Construction and sanitation: treatment and sewage units Inspection, chambers, meters, Outflow construction, water storage tanks, etc.
  • Agriculture: equipment for agricultural machine equipment, storage tanks, grape harvesting hoods, equestrian and fish farming equipment, etc.
  • Bespoke casing and fairing: covers for special machines, fairing for special vehicles, protective housings, dashboards, bumpers, etc.
  • Designer’s furniture and pos advertising: furniture, lights, design objects, reception desks, totems, store displays, etc.
  • Health and hospital fittings: treatment equipment, medical trays and packaging, mobile furniture, first aid boxes, etc.
  • Urban planning and equipment: road signs, illuminated beacons, directional signage, container for selective sorting, waste collector, etc.
  • Boating: rotomoulded boats and canoes, pontoon floats, floating buoys, signage, port facilities, etc.

We hope you enjoy reading.