With 40 years of experience and more than 25,000 different reusable packaging references, GMI has packaged all the components that make up a vehicle many times over.

From consultancy to serial production, GMI provides specific reusable packaging solutions for the protection, transport, storage and handling of automotive parts and components. From research to serial production GMI designs and manufactures specific returnable packaging which adapts to the shape of the parts being transported and offers bespoke solutions to meet the Lean Manufacturing requirements and the needs of each customer’s industrial environment.

Examples of our work: Special containers, wire mesh containers, rolling bases, carts and trolleys, turners, tilters, dynamic furniture, kanban, AGV, Kitting, metal racks, cradles and slings, stacker columns, rotomoulded trays and pallets, thermoformed trays and separators, automatic feeding furniture, Lean Manufacturing solutions, CRM, Mother-Dolly…

For almost 40 years, GROUPE MAILLARD INDUSTRIE (GMI) has been specialising in processing plastic materials using rotomoulding techniques. More than just a rotomoulding sub-contractor, GMI is a genuine project manager able to support its customers in achieving their projects both in France and internationally.